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How To Cross The Red Sea
  1. Category - Health
  2. November 15, 2019

The Israelites found themselves at an impasse with mountains on both sides of them, an army of death closing in from behind, and a huge body of water in front of them. It looked as if it was over. There was absolutely no way out of the situation. Facing daunting situations in our lives can be overwhelming and devastating. We read little pamphlets about the things…

Racking Up Debt
  1. Category - Health, Health
  2. November 12, 2019

Some companies like to entice you by offering you a 30-day trial of their product. It is totally free for that month, but to avail yourself of this deal, you must put your credit card on file. The thought of getting something that you really want and enjoying it without a cost is enticing to say the least. However if you are like me, you often don’t remember…

Bed Time
  1. Category - Health, Health, Health
  2. November 06, 2019

While there are many rites of passage growing up, one of the biggest ones was bedtime. There is not a kid alive who, at some time or another, did not enter into negotiations about a later bedtime. I can remember growing up and having to stick to the eight-thirty bedtime even in the summer. There was nothing worse than hearing friends still outside playing while…

The Secret To Prosperity
  1. Category - Health, Health, Health, Health
  2. October 31, 2019

It does not seem possible that someone who decides to share what they have will end up having more. We all learned in first grade Math that if Susie has 3 pieces of candy, and gives one to Bobby and one to Sarah, that only leaves Susie with one piece of candy, not four pieces. This is a universal transaction that cannot be altered or denied yet imbedded in Susie’s…

  1. Category - Health, Health, Health, Health, Health
  2. October 30, 2019

The world we live in is fast-moving; every day, some new technology is released, or some new scientific measure is found, and this often keeps us feeling like we are behind and lacking, or what we have or where we are is not enough. Every day, people are leaving one thing in exchange for something new to better support their growth and newfound intellectual…

Benefits of Charcoal
  1. Category - Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health
  2. October 25, 2019

Charcoal is a black form of carbon that is produced when organic material is burned with little to no air. It has many uses. It acts as a fuel source because it burns much slower than wood, and because it acts as an absorbent, many have found it to be beneficial for its medicinal qualities. The first recorded use of charcoal occurred in ancient times, as it was…

The Benefits of Aloe Vera
  1. Category - Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health
  2. October 15, 2019

Aloe is a green prickly plant that grows all around the world but is native to Africa. It is able to survive in areas where there is little rainfall. While science says there is little proof of this plant’s effectiveness, this plant has found its way into many homes by way of creams, juices, or gels. The benefits of aloe vera include:Burns and minor wounds:…

Why Can’t We Be Friends
  1. Category - Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health
  2. October 14, 2019

Your immune system is responsible for acting as a line of defense; when it detects a pathogen in the body, such as bacteria, viruses, or parasites, it will attack the offending agent but preserve the healthy cells. When the immune system is overactive, instead of protecting healthy cells, it attacks them. When there is an infection present in the body, your bone marrow produces white blood cells to fight the infection, but with autoimmune diseases, these white…

Chia Seeds
  1. Category - Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health
  2. October 09, 2019

I know, you have just replayed in your head the song from a commercial from years ago that used to advertise the chia plant. The ad featured planters usually shaped like heads or piglets full of little holes, which, when watered, began to grow out the famous plant. While it used to be a big hit for the novice gardener, who could enjoy the thrill of watching…

Pills, Ointments, Creams and Suppositories
  1. Category - Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health, Health
  2. October 01, 2019

Hemorrhoid is considered the varicose vein of the rectum. There are internal and external hemorrhoids that can form near the anus, which is the exit hole of feces, an area supplied by blood vessels. These vessels are affected by constipation, obesity, pregnancy, and even some medications. When this happens, there is an increase in pressure on the blood vessels…



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