God is in control


The Gift
  1. Category - 5R series
  2. December 25, 2018

These wise men came from a great distance, after having studied for years and making great sacrifices, they had rightly followed the star to where they had found the savior of the world. When they had seen the Christ, they bowed down and worshiped him. To worship something means to make it the focal point of your life, to honor, respect and give great devotion…

Purpose In Life
  1. Category - 5R series, 5R series
  2. December 21, 2018

Having a purpose in life is essential. It brings meaning to why am I here and what is life all about. It answers the broad question that we all have, what is my value? What is my worth? Regardless of what your position in life is, we have all been created to do something. Everything about us speaks to this. Studies have shown that having a purpose creates…



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