Titration Point

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2 Corinthians 5 vs.17 (NLT)
This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

Years ago, in my high school chemistry class, we used to do some great experiments. One that was of great interest to me was finding titration points. In this experiment, we would use a large bowl of water, along with food coloring, usually red. We would slowly add drops of red food coloring to the water. The water seemed to hold its own against the red drops and absorb the red color while continuing to remain clear, with little change to its natural appearance. Eventually, if we kept adding the red food coloring, the molecules in the water would no longer be able to absorb the color without taking on its appearance.

Our bodies are made to be strong and resilient; because of this, we can absorb many things. At first, it seems as if what we take in has no real effect upon us; the inner workings of our system are able to absorb, process, and purify much filth. But if we continue adding drop after drop, the filth eventually takes over, and what we are left with is something different than what we were designed to be.  What used to be clear is now muddied, what used to be of value, now can’t be used for anything.

We would diligently write down how many drops it took to make the water look like something else. At the end of the assignment, we would sit in front of that red water, thinking that the water must remain in that state forever. It was then that our science teacher would add a few drops of another solvent, and suddenly the water that I thought was forever red was clear again.

If you have reached your titration point and you feel that the state you are in is permanent, may you have the courage to pray for the purifying power of God who can make all things new.

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