Self-defeating Behavior

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Philippians 3:14(NIV)
I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Listen to these and tell me if they make any sense, “I am frustrated with my weight, so I overeat.” “I don’t like where I am in life right now, so I spend an awful lot of time procrastinating and dreaming about being somewhere else.” “I worry that I may lose the person I love, so I withhold affection from them, so if they should leave, it won’t hurt as bad.”

There is an army of people out there living life as if it is a game show, trying to see what’s behind the curtain, or waiting for a lifeline. Still, there is a little thing called time, and it waits for no one. It makes its revolutions whether you carry out those well-intended plans or not. Every day you have a chance to reset, to make a different choice, and you don’t have to wait until tomorrow even if you have already started the day with the same broken promises of yesterday. Why not start right now?

Take a small step off the path you have walked for so long, and take a different road, tear yourself away from watching everyone live, and make a life for yourself. There is a truth that most of us miss along the way, and that is your life is not in competition with anyone, it is only a race that you alone run, therefore it is not when you finish, it’s how you finish. The only person on the track is you, so there are no winners or losers; you only need to cross the finish line, so run your race well.

Maybe you have gotten off to a bad start, but that does not have to be a predictor of how you finish. This is your life, your race, and therefore you get to determine who wins. I hope you make the right decision.

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